Beat farm Recorders recording studio, London

London Street Soul

The name was first given us by Pete Tong to describe our music style and production on our Beatfarm Recorders label… more

Selectors Choice

Selector edited and remixed versions of the finest true original King Brillo Sound… more



2TEK present an eclectic mix of Synthesiser Pop These mixes are all designed to be radio and dance floor friendly.… more

The Cowboy Years

Post Frankie and then after various flirtations with the “corporate music biz” Paul’s pursuit … more

Four On The Floor

This Four track Pressure Zone E.P. is released on Beatfarm Recorders as part of our endeavour to cater for the more discerning clubber and dance music listeners.… more

Lovers Pop

The Lovers Pop sound is quintessentially British, Black and White, Soulful, street smart. King Brillo have brought together some fine vocal
performances for this little gem of a 3 track E.P. more

2 Tek

Bolivian ears pricked up when first they heard the Pressure Zone… more

50 ONE 50


Beatfarm Recorders proudly present a fine selection of sleazy trashy disco punk… more

That Moon EP


Well crafted record from 1989 by Pressure Zone and featuring both Paul Rutherford and Tammy Payne on vocals… more

Do You Remember

An album of classic British pop performed in a King Brillo way… more

Air Cut EP


Second outing for the London based Air Cut project from 1992… more



This innovative super slam Beatfarm E.P. finds Producer / remixer and Jazz drummer Theo Buckingham and his co-conspirators exploring… more

Ultimate Drive 4

Drive 1

Disco stomping anthems and jazz funk workouts… more

First Light

King Brillo’s early recordings made with Jah Wobble on bass, Aswad’s Drummie Zeb… more



Issued to the troops of the hardcore fraternity of 1991 this epic set of Beatfarm recordings is the result of… more

Blue Cosmic Monkey

cosmic blue monkey

Beatfarm Recorders proudly present a fine selection of Disco Electronica from Blue Cosmic Monkey… more

Ultimate Drive 3

Drive 2

Funkadelic and spaced out! This album rides on with the Ibiza beach groove… more

Dub Picnic

Easy listening smoky sounds for swinging modern lovers and dubbers… more

Sun Arise EP


Pressure Zone took the original song by much loved wobble board operator Rolf Harris… more

Ultimate Drive 2

Another ‘groover’, plenty of dubbed up pervy house and acid jazzy soul vibes from start to finish… more

The King Brillo Sound 1

Rockers, Jazz, Blues and Ska in a King Brillo style… more



Early release by “John The Dentist” (Freshtrax) and Pressure Zone on Beatfarm featuring Anthem and Anthem edit mix… more

Ultimate Drive 1

From the root to the source and back again. Thumping kinky disco and full on naked soul… more

The King Brillo Sound 2

Rockers, Jazz, Blues and Ska in a King Brillo style… more

NyQuist EP


Beatfarm released this 1991 single “Nyquist” by Mark Cotgrove (Snowboy) and Andy Barak Smith… more

Come Together


Authentic “Piano heavy” “built for disco” workout record from 1990. Featuring Clive Griffin and Opal on vocal… more

Roots Pop Reggae Rock

Brillo and Black Steel came together to make this album of mainly cover songs… more

Hard Groove sampler


The brain child of Jason Gallymour, Triebhaft Project also incoporated the talents of Sean Hunter… more

Johannesburg EP


5 mixes of this Pressure Zone recording dating from 1989 including the full on DJ Danny Rampling mix… more

Pepper EP

pepper Tuneful selection of Garnett Cross (Sergeant Pepper) singing the self penned “Never find anyone like you”… more

Backstabbers EP


The original 1989 Pressure Zone version of the Huff / McFadden / Whitehead composed classic in all it’s minimal glory… more

One Love Christmas

Re-working some modern classic seasonal songs plus some new originalsmore